Tuesday, February 22, 2011

** Spring's -a- Bloomin' **

Happy Tuesday, All!

I'm really getting into the spirit of enjoying the coming early Spring season here in Southern California. My husband and I spent this past Sunday together beautifying our little piece of California by getting our lawn into shape, and planting some vibrant flowers and vegetable plants in our raised planters in the backyard. We worked pretty hard out there!

My husband was in charge of lawn-maintenance that day: hoeing, sowing and watering, oh my (lol)! I was trimming back my herb garden (it was WAY over due!), turning and enriching all the soil, digging holes (with no gloves...nasty, but the gloves were too restraining), re-potting some of our existing plants on the patio and front porch and lastly starting new life growing with the in-home grow kits my Mother-in-Law, Denise, got for us. Denise went on a cruise to Hawaii some months back and she brought us some Plumeria plant cuttings! If any of you know the smell of a Plumeria plant, then you can understand why I'm so excited about these! We bought the right soil and the right peat gravel to use when potting these cuttings, so I really hope they do well here. I can't wait to see the look on the Plumerias’ faces when they sprout, take a look around, and realize they're not in Hawaii anymore! I hope they don't die of depression :) 

So with this early Spring fever I've been hit by, I wanted to share with everyone a "Springy" card I made for our Aunt Eileen. Eileen gave me the gardener’s bible, The Western Garden Book, as a gift for my bridal shower; and inside she gave a beautiful inscription: “Spending hours in the garden together does more than just nurture the plants”. This one’s for you, Aunt Eileen! :)

I just fell in love with this pretty tree image from the Bloom Cricut Lite cartridge.
My next favorite part of this cartridge was the cute picket fence. The fence image cuts out the blooming / climbing flowers along with the fence for a real added convenience factor! I am still new to the whole "edge-inking" technique, as you can see. Can you find my edge-inked mess-up??? Most people didn’t even notice it ;)
I love birds too, so I just had to add one of the beautiful bird cages that come with this cartridge. 
The tree was cut at 5", the fence at 3" and the bird cage at 2".

The Bloom cartridge had been at the top of my "Really, Really, Really Want List" for a long time. Of all the “lite” cartridges, I think this one definitely gives you the most bang for your buck. There are tons of beautiful images to choose from. This one is a real crowd-pleaser. My husband got me this cartridge for Christmas last year; I don’t make it hard for him to figure out what I want ;). Since then, I've wanted to really bust out some hot, bloomin' projects! Certainly more to come using this cartridge!

I hope everyone can find something to like, love, or be inspired by when viewing my creations :)

Have a happy Spring season!

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  1. Wow, I see you have Cricut fever bad! lol I look forward to following your blog. We REALLY need to plan a girl's craft weekend when you and Heather can come to Vegas! - Brandy