Saturday, February 19, 2011

My First Post

Evenin' all:
It's kind of late, but I've just been so anxious to get my first post up! So here it is, short n' sweet. My hope for this blog is to make this a place where the creative parts of all of us can come together to find inspiration, share ideas, and just enjoy each others' crafty works of art! I hope that anyone who pays a visit to this blog feels like they made a great decision coming here, and pays frequent visits! I would love to have "regulars" ;) .

Well, callin' it a night over here on the west coast. I'll be postin' again soon. Thanks for visiting!


  1.! me! me! I would like to apply to be part of the Curly Crafter design Team! Just let me know! :-) From your biggest fan, "H"